Access Control

Controlling the entry and exit to a site or building can be accomplished by the installation of an access control system. These take many forms and are all operated in an individual way to suite its application.

Access control systems can be as simple as a switch on a wall to fully computerised where users are added and deleted remotely. Full audit trails can also be kept. ABA Security supply and install access control systems for almost any entry control situation. 

Below is a sample list of applications and systems that are commonly used.


  • Automatic gates for houses
  • Automatic gates for caravan parks
  • Automatic gates for industrial sites
  • Door entry strikes and locks in an office environment
  • Access door or gate to a car park
  • Entry personal gate to a retirement village
  • Entry to a restricted area E.g. a Marina

Access control systems                                                  

  • Remote control
  • Proximity card
  • Proximity tag
  • Post mounted switch
  • Finger print reader
  • Keypad console
  • In ground loop detector
  • Intercom system
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