ABA Security and Caramia Electrical supply and install Intercom Systems. These are available for residential and commercial installations. From single home installations to multi unit developments and shop or office use. Intercom systems have many functions with the main four being

  1. Door bell or chime
  2. Viewing a visitor prior to answering for your security
  3. Communication with a visitor or client
  4. Enabling visitor or client access to your property

Intercom systems provide a communication link with other people within the same building or visitors and also allow control of doors, gates, auto shutters, lights and any other switchable device.

  • Colour video intercom systems
  • IP video intercom systems
  • Audio only intercom systems
  • Intercom systems to unlock or open doors and gates
  • Multi residential systems
  • Multi stations with in one building
  • CCTV system integration
  • Alarm system integration
  • Telephone system integration
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