Security Lighting

Correctly installed security and area lighting has several benefits

  • Provides a deterrent against would be thieves and assailants
  • Lights up path ways for safe walking on uneven grounds
  • Provides piece of mind when walking through a normally poorly lit area
  • Provides advertising for commercial buildings
  • Provides reassurance to customers in large car parks
  • Sensor lights have a element of surprise to prowlers

ABA Security and Caramia Electrical supply, install and maintain security and area lighting for residential and commercial premises. Security and area lighting design is important so as to achieve the required outcome at an economical cost. Quite often cheaper installation means higher maintenance and running costs.

We can design, supply and install a security or area lighting solution from the family home to a shopping centre.

Examples of lighting types and controls

  • Sensor lights, (residential and commercial) these are switched by a motion sensor
  • Para floods and quartz halogen flood lights, these are for small areas (residential and commercial)
  • Metal discharge flood lights such as Mercury vapour, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium are designed for larger areas such as car parks. (usually commercial only)
  • Vandal resistant fluorescent lights. Generally used as economical security lighting.

Lighting control is usually installation specific and may include one or more of the following

  • Day light sensor switches
  • Time clock control
  • Motion detectors
  • Photo electric beams
  • Triggers from alarm systems
  • Remote controls
  • In ground loop sensors
  • CCTV systems with motion detection in their cameras
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